GSuite Help - File Stream and Drive

Hi all,

I have a client with GSuite - they want to switch the local server based file share to Gsuite (Drive or Stream) I reckon it’ll be Drive File Stream, however - on my PC (win 10) the client doesn’t seem to work - keeps asking me to sign in? When I do sign it encounters an error and asks me to sign in again.

I’m a full admin on the GSuite account, my account works via browser absolutely fine.

Where do I get started?

I am not sure what the error is, but did you follow their deployment guide and have you contacted the Gsuite support?

It turns out I ‘may’ have solved it. I found a button that said allow for all but it said allow for some, changed it to all and now I seem to have access.

This is a GSuite ive inherited

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Thanks Tom for your response.