GSuite Calendar to Office 365 Calendars

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I am the new IT at my my organization and they are in the middle of a migration from GSuite to Office365. Unfortunately they decided to migrate just the mail portion, and now we are left with contacts and Calendars.

We relay very heavily on Calendars. Basically, The back office can see every bodies Calendar, The remote managers have their calendar and have access to all of their assistants calendars.

What is the best way to implement this in Office 365.

Below are the two tools for this, though I will tell you that MS and Google G Suite do not always play well together.

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The biggest issue I’m having trouble figuring out is we have multiple shared calendars and once I export from GSuite into O365, how do I setup or migrate the permissions.

Ah, you’re moving to Office 365 totally, right?

Yup, we have sharing set up with Google. But the issue comes that when the Googel accounts were created, the scheduler made the accounts, then logged in as that user and shared it with everybody that needed access.

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