Growing IT Business

We been running an IT company in South Africa for more or less 2 and half years, mainly cabling and a bit of support, we sometimes have very queite moments. How can we grow the business?.

That all depends on your market. What sorts of problems need solving? Expand business in that direction. There is no clear cut answer.

Thanks David, we are trying to get into SLA clients to get passive money.

How to grow the business is very ambiguous. What part of the business do you want to actually grow? Like David said, find a problem and then solve for it. But most importantly, find out what aspects of IT you are the best at and then market that aspect the most. If you are looking at becoming an MSP, get back in contact with your old clients and talk with them about what you offer.

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Absolutely Brett, “find a problem and then solve for it,” but I would add one additional step between finding a problem and solution, that is define the problem. Not enough to know the ‘what’ the ‘why’ needs to be understood as well to arrive at a proper solution.