Great content and thanks

Listen to smlr- New to Linux. Not sure if I’m noob. Learned so much from you in last year. Have ubiquity products in my house. Just found Jay’s channel this last week. Big fan of how they got hacked(no content-xavier and Mo busy). Meet Xavier and Mo at dc313 and live in North Detroit subs. Just wanted to thank you for great content. I was going to sign up for Penguicon 2020. Canceled bummer. What is next public event? Wanted too thank you in person for renuing computer interest. Windows user for years. How to reach out in these times. Keybase or call you at office.

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Thanks! I am on here, keybase and twitter. Only offer Q&A support here but general conversation on the other platforms as my time allows. :slight_smile: Not sure when the next in person meet will be, we are all working / meeting remotely for until things get sorted out.