Graylog: Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started Open Source Log Management [YouTube Release]

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My Graylog 5 Forum Post with commands

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:stopwatch: Time Stamps :stopwatch:
00:00 :arrow_forward: What is Graylog
01:47 :arrow_forward: Graylog Docker Setup
03:35 :arrow_forward: How To Set Graylog Admin password
04:05 :arrow_forward: Graylog Docker Compose Variables
05:28 :arrow_forward: Storing Logs on External Mount
07:17 :arrow_forward: How To Setup Email in Graylog
08:38 :arrow_forward: Defining Input Ports in Docker
10:01 :arrow_forward: Managing Graylog with Docker
11:27 :arrow_forward: How Graylolg Parses Data
12:56 :arrow_forward: How to Send Logs From pfsense to Graylog
13:28 :arrow_forward: Creating Users
14:11 :arrow_forward: Creating Inputs
15:29 :arrow_forward: Creating Extractors
18:24 :arrow_forward: Creating Graylog Indices
19:59 :arrow_forward: Creating Graylog Streams
21:52 :arrow_forward: Graylog Alerts and Notifications

#opensource #logging #graylog

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I really appreciate the professionalism that went into that video, it was well made. I followed it and everything worked great, I also added a grafana container to it for better dash boards.

Some thoughts from me, in docker compose no need to expose ports you aren’t using (like 9200/tcp), the containers communicate internally on the network you defined using hostnames. Also probably have to be careful telling users to hash passwords via command line as it will sit in their bash history.