Grafana & Influx Setup

Does anyone know if Lawrence has done a video on a complete install/setup of Grafana/Influx DB or something similar? If he hasn’t done a video, is there a way to contact him to see if he would make one?

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I have not done one because it is something that I do not use. If I have a use case for it in the future I will make a video on it.

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I just joined your forum today to reply to one of your videos. I’ve been looking for information on creating a dashboard for monitoring/alerting for my pfSense (SG-1100). I’ve found some nice looking dashboards in grafana but there seems to be a shortage of good install/setup documentation. I thought I heard you in one of your videos make a reference to needing to monitor/alert on firewall logs. Is there another application that you do use for this purpose?

Thank you.

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Zabbix is pretty neat for monitoring, it also has basic dashboards and maps which are easy to set up. However, if you ever get Grafana to work you can then import the data from Zabbix. Grafana definitely looks better but it still needs a dataset to use.
Setup Grafana but found that the Zabbix maps gave me what I was ultimately looking for which was a view of devices and whether they were online or offline. If I have time then I might go back and explore Grafana a bit more.

I agree that Grafan looks great, but Zabbix is very stable and effective. It can log CPU / Memory / Netowrk / Uptime and send alerts not just for system down, but also alerts based on thresholds you can set.