Google Workspace backup


How do you guys backup a Google Workspace domain, when a local solution like a Synology NAS is not possible?
I’m looking for a cloud based solution to backup Gmail and (Shared) Drives.

We use Synology, have not really tested any other services.

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I’ve never done backups for G Suite, but I’m a reseller of Acronis and I’m certain they’ve said that they do G Suite backups, so perhaps worth checking them out. Datto is also another competitor in the SaaS Backup market.
Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Veeam offer a specific product for Google Cloud. More info there is also a free version and a try and buy. Secure Google Native Backup & Recovery

Looks like there are two ways you might be able to do this.

  1. Export your organization’s data

  2. Backing Up Google Workspace Data with Spinbackup

But the second option does have a license fees to use Spinbackup. You could just export your data and save it in Cloud Storage in encrypted format.

The Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace is amazing. I am running it with about 300 accounts.

Watch out for Datto since the sale Datto’s support service has gone down hill.

Good to know! Must admit since that response we’ve pretty much ditched Acronis and done it via Synology. Only 365 backups but I see it does Google too! Thanks for the heads up - I used datto in a previous job and it was quite good (except really slowwww restoration times). Will be mindful of this in future.