Google One VPN will/may Break Your Windows DNS

FYI - It seems that Google has decided that they know best and have been hard encoding DNS settings on their more recent updates if you use their Google One VPN. This is beyond BAD!!!

You have to manually go into a Windows (10 or 11) machine and manually reset the network settings!!

In any case be aware (this caught me and took a while to figure out what happened when I returned from a trip abroad).

Full details are here -

This will break your company’s DNS and captive portals as well as airlines and hotel WiFi.

Google thinks it knows best on a lot of issues. Turns out that they are only doing what’s best for Google, and what they can market most effectively.

I’d like to see screen shots of before and after installing this stuff, if you have time and are fooling around with it.

I deleted Google One VPN from my computer till this is resolved and now using my previous VPN.
However - it was this screen (and the IPv6 version) that Google One had updated with their DNS servers and I had to manually delete and save.


Don’t be Evil. Wait, what?

Ok, Do the Right Thing. Wait, right thing for who?

OK, just make us money and step on anyone in the way.