Google G Suite, FreeNAS and Backups

So the situation is this… I have a 10 TB FreeNAS server and I’m looking at an alternative backup solution. Currently, I back up to tape but because it’s LTO2, I’m up around 50 tapes for a full backup.

I do have a G Suite subscription which I currently use for email only but am looking to take advantage of Google’s unlimited storage using Google Drive but trying to think of the best way to go about it.

Mandatory features are that the solution stores backup files in an encrypted form at Google’s end. I can’t have just raw files sitting there. Secondly, incremental backups are needed. I can’t afford the time to be uploading 10TB’s worth of data each time.

Thoughts and suggestions on suitable Linux or FreeBSD software to achieve this?

@SpicySpice since you are using FreeNAS take a look at the Asigra Solution IXSystems is offering for free and the free version of Veeam back up for Linux. For your case I think the Asigra software would be better. for details.

We use Backblaze which also works well with FreeNAS.

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I second Backblaze for offsite storage. Encrypt your backups or files before they hit the freenas box.

Thanks guys I’ll check out Backblaze.

FYI there is a cap on the upload limit per day on Google Drive, I think its 500GB per Day.

Good to know. Although on this particular connection, I couldn’t upload that volume of data in a day even if I wanted to.