Google Chrome being managed notice

Has anyone else seen this notice that Google Chrome browser is being managed by your organization? It appears in bottom left corner of bookmarks manager page. I see it with Google-chrome, but not chromium. What is this?


There is a thread on reddit here

I have seen this in the school I work in. In that particular case, I believe it has to do with Windows Group Policies. An administrator can limit what a user can and cannot do with his/her system with these policies. Apparently, you can configure Chrome with it as well.

Are you on Windows? If so, is it a Pro version or above?

It’s my personal desktop computer at home running Kubuntu 18.04 .2 LTS. I am the administrator. I’m behind a pfSense firewall. This makes no sense to me. I also have Chromium-browser installed and do not see this message.

If you signed up for and use G Suite then you will receive that notice.

Hi @Arron
Not a G-Suite user AFAIK. Been in touch with Google via twitter and have sent them a report through a link they provided. Meanwhile, I’m back to using chromium and will be removing chrome if this cannot be resolved soon.

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Google support thread.

removing the file /etc/opt/chrome/policies/lastpass_policy.json did the trick, but I also did a complete removal and re-install of chrome.