Good replacement for Unifi

Hi, I am new here if I am posting in wrong section please let me know. I am coming from youtube video “Don’t Upgrade to UniFi Controller 6.0.20!”

My setup:
Unifi Cloud Key, Unifi Security Gateway, 8 port network switch, and access point.

My Problem, that Unifi confirmed
If you do not update devices and controller frequently enough you will lose access to the controller and no longer can change any settings.

What I would like:

  1. is there a work around for this? Or is there a set schedule you have to update? Like is it every month? Every 2 months?
  2. Is there a comparable or slightly better company than Unifi.

I like unifi because it is “pro-consumer grade”. It is a little better quality than off the shelf with separate devices incase one goes bad. It is also not super complicated, for the most part.

More of the back story:
I have been working from home, so I was going to assign my work computer a static IP. However, I could not access my controller dashboard or gateway dashboard. This meant that I could not change any settings or even update the devices and controller. So I had to ssh into my cloud key and manually update the cloud key before I could regain access. I had to update to 6.0.28 Support said this is normal and their documents state you must continually update their software. I do not use their devices to make money so I do not feel to update everything on a weekly or monthly bases. Especially when you consider that some updates shouldn’t be applied. I was also planning on buying more Unifi products at the beginning of next year, tax return money.
However, I do not want to buy something that I can lose access to just because I did not update when they wanted me to.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you.

I have not used or tested any in particular but there is consumer devices out that do not require manual updating at the sacrifice of possible questionable security. Also, you don’t have to update the Unifi system automatically but that will cause you to get behind security updates as well.

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I’ve never heard of losing access to a device because you are not on the latest firmware. Perhaps Unifi is dialing out, that’s the only thing I can think is happening. If you don’t like that policy then don’t use their kit.

Personally I have a pfsense router with netgear switches and a TP link AP.

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Synology router has proven very reliable for me. I have been using the MR2200ac while working from home and didn’t have any issue during the last year. Very easy to configure, fast and with some advanced features like DNS over HTTPS built in.
Also, I like Aruba instant on access points, but haven’t tried them yet.

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I don’t update regularly, but I run my own controller vs cloud key. I have never experience what you speak of.
I have seen people running old controller versions simply cause they work. No reason to fix if it ain’t broke attitude.

I may consider running my own controller as a test for a while if you don’t need advanced features of the cloud key.

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Personally, I would never let a system auto-update firmware or anything that would create downtime. Security updates should be fine as long as it doesn’t need a reboot. As for the Unifi cloud key, I have never been impressed. It seems there is nothing but issues with them. I would expect that you could drop it and manage your devices individually. Maybe that is the easiest fix.

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