Good conferences to attend?

So I’ve been in IT forever, but new to the MSP space. Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on which conferences are worth paying attention to and attending?

The Comptia events are good

I will also be at the IT Nation event in November, I was at their IT Nation Secure event in June which went well.

Ah just missed the one, thanks though! Will keep my eyes open for these in the future.

Splunk had a conference that I haven t taken notice of the last 2 years. Most of the good trade show are now left coast based. Interop used to be DC as well as Vegas, made many connections. Then there was AFCAEA EXPO big event in DC.

I have not confirmed, but I might be attending this here in 2022

Doing any sort of meetup for the community at DattoCon? or just the Tech Tribe one? Maybe a poll on the business technicalities page

Not sure if there is enough people on this forum or that follow me t warrant one.