Good 10G NIC's commonly found on ebay?

So, I am getting to the point where I am needing some 10G stuff. I never have purchased any 10G stuff before so do not know much about them from a brand/model perspective. Generally I have always just picked up Intel NIC’s for 1G stuff since it they seem to always work with every OS out there.

So, what 10G NIC cards are pretty easy to find on Ebay that are good quality and not to crazy in price. I will need at least four. I would prefer RJ45, but if I can get a solid deal on SFP+ with adapters or direct attach cables, that is fine too.

The systems these will go into will have the following OS’s, in case of compatibility issues.

pfsense, TruNAS, Proxmox, Windows.

Any others that may crop up at some point will most likely be Linux based.

I use Intel X520-DA2 in all my machines.
Unifi 16XG:
to X520 in Server 2019 via dac
to X520 in i3 pfsense box via dac
to X520 in Win10 via 10gtek sfp
10m OM3 cable
to X520 in Win10 via 10gtek sfp
20m OM3 cable
2 x dac to 2 unifi 24 port switches

Hope that helps

Thanks. I will look at those. Planning to do everything in my rack with DAC since most everything in a decent price range seems to be SFP+.

Found a listing for the DA1 version of these. Only need a single port. Sent an offer to the seller for four. We will see if he takes it.

Ever try and RJ45 connection on these? Or just DAC and fiber? I have a CAT6 cable already run and would like to just use it if possible. I have read some cards have issues with the heat from RJ45. It would only be for one machine in the next room.

I have only used the Unifi 1gb RJ45 modules in the 24 port switchs. Yes they get hot, and that was just the 1gb version I can’t say how hot a 10gb version gets.
I moved to dac cables after Tom’s video on the latency of fibre vs dac.
Never tried the 10gb version, but I’m keeping an eye out for an X540 for testing but will only use it in the 10gb RG45 on the 16XG.

So, I have three x520’s on the way and one x540. The 520’s will all be DAC when they get here.

Still looking for a deal on a 16xg. If I can not find one I will just grab one of the new aggregation switches.

Great, good luck with the project hope it all goes well.
Let me know how it works out
All the best

Thanks. Pretty sure it will all go well. Trying to budget everything in with some car stuff, home stuff, and pew pew stuff. None of it is cheap. But, thankfully for home use the older enterprise stuff has been pretty good so far and it is a hell of a lot cheaper used than new.

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I have seen alot on the net advising that Chelsio 10G Nics are good and common on ebay for FreeNAS often been flashed into IT Mode as well which allows full pass through.

Be good to see if Tom at LTS can do a video on 10g Nic Cards Cheslio and x520 which are good for FreeNAS i know he did a video regarding the Chelsio cards and speeds using a .sh script that was interesting to watch

Good choice, stick with the Intel NICs.