Gmail Blackballing Legit domains

So I noticed that a few of my emails never made it to public @gmail inboxes lately. Did some testing on a few personal gmails I own, and indeed, directly to spam, despite me clicking “This is not spam”. ALL and I mean ALL of my records are in order, SPF, DMARC, etc. The hosting provider confirmed all was well. After some deep digging, this is what I posted to help others on the google support page for this issue

" Update. This Helped me across multiple test Gmail accounts from spam to inbox. Be sure to have a valid .gmail account to be logged into when doing this. I even registered a brand new Gmail account to test, and it works. I guess Big G changed some things. []

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I had a similar problem recently as well. Direct emails and a invite from Forms went to a client’s gmail inbox, but the invoice from Invoice Ninja went to spam. Hopefully this will prevent this from happening in the future.