Github for configs / profiles?

So far using github as a way to store my shell settings for linux (zsh profiles / themes etc…), which lead me to having to get a little creative. I’ve created a folder under /home called “profilesettings” and clone into that. Then I use symlinks to my current profile, quick little .sh to just create the symlinks (ln -sf /home/profilesettings/file1 ~/file1 etc…) So far this works pretty well, and anytime I fiddle and make a change I like, I can just push it to all my linux shells. Seems a little easier than using something like syncthing, I think. Very open to better methods here, little hard to google this exact scenario.

Using github as a way to backup / store your compose yaml files… Currently trying this idea out, as a way to have a backup and track changes over time. I would say only caveat is having all my containers in their own folder under /home/userprofile and creating my git repo there lol. Any other folder I stick in there I have to add to .gitignore so it doesn’t copy over. If I do it over, I would create a new folder for containers in general, then put the sub folders under that. Or somewhere else entirely and use symlinks like above… Curious on others’ experiences, alternatives, and recommendations etc…

Alternatively I could just host a gitea repo on something like linode, keeping it further more private.