Gigabit Internet Slow

I am currently receiving 1Gig internet from Comcast (more like 970ish). When I direct connect my computer to modem I see the 970M. However, when I use my pfsense router I am only getting anywhere from 500M to 700M.
my current setup is …
pfsense 2.4.4
Two onboard intel 1gig network adapter
one dedicated to wan
one with: Lan, vlan20, and vlan30.
base pfsense with pfBlockerNG 2.25_28 installed per the Lawrence video
OpenVPN client installed per the Lawrence video

CPU xeon E3-1230v6 (4 core 8 thread)
Memory 32 GB 2133 ECC
motherboard AsRock rack E3C236D2I
storage 128MB m.2

I have done the traffic limiting per the Lawrence video and it did not help.

I have also set:
kern.ipc.nmbclusters = 2000000
hw.igb.fc_setting = 0
net.inet.ip.portrange.first = 1024

Hardware Checksum Offloading,
Hardware TCP Segmentation Offloading, and
Hardware Large Receive Offloading
are all checked

I also have a unfi switch between the pfsense and my computer.
I have connected the computer directly to pfsense and through the switch and there is no change in the internet speed.

Please help me. I am lost as to whether this is an issue with my hardware being to slow, or if I have not checked a checkbox or some other aspect that I have missed.

I would turn off pfblockerng or any other security service you may be running to see if there is a difference.

So what I did was backup the config, and do a clean install of pfsense. That seemed to work. I am now getting the full gig internet. Thanks

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