Gigabit firewall options

I’ve recently been able to upgrade to gigabit (or nearly) internet. Unfortunately my current router (an Asus RT56U running fresh tomato dual core 800mhz arm with 256 mb memory) doesn’t seem to be able to take advantage of the bandwidth.

What I’m wondering is if the new 2.5gbe small mini PCs running pfaense would be able to take advantage of the gigabit service.

Something like this? The 16bg /256gb version.

Will this let me run at near gigabit speeds? Assuming I’m not running any ips or ips , I understand if I turned them on that I’d be trading speed for processing power of packet analysis.

Thoughts? Experience using the little PCs with pfsense on a gigabit connection?

Yes, those should be able to route at gigabit speeds.

Thanks Tom! Love your videos! Keep them coming!

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