Gig Throughput on pfSense & Ubiquiti AP

I am having no small problem trying to get max throughput on my PfSense box and my Ubiquiti AP. I am new all this so I am learning as I go. I have watched a lot of Lawrence’s videos, read forums and still, nothing has worked.

I currently am paying for gigabyte speeds through Comcast and my pfSense can only get 350 Mbps down and 42 up, with both my Netgear CM1000 Modem and Comcasts Modem. With Comcast Modems itself I can get 980Mbps down and 45 Up, but my Ubiquiti (Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO) will only get 250 Down and 42 upon WiFi with both Modems and with or without PfSense. On the WiFi from Comcast Modem, I can get 600 Mbps Down and 45 Up.

pfSense Hardware specs are
-Intel i5-7200t 2.7Ghz
-32 Gbs of Ram
-1 Gigabyte port
-Usb3.1 to RJ45 (which has been tested with multiple different cables and modems- it can get 980 Down)

I have tried a number of things:
-Both pfSense and AP- Factory Resets (3 times)
-pfSense- turned off all firewall rules and blockers- No effect
-pfSense- Tried to adjust MTU- No effect
-pfSense- Bloating is not an issue
-pfSense- toggled with Hardware Checksum Offloading… no effect

AP- tried changing radio channels…no significant increase
AP- changed power levels… no change
AP- Turned off APs DHCP capibilities…no effect

I am sure I am missing something super simple and I am new to self-networking… I would appreciate any help or advice.

Thank you.

Usb-ethernet device support in BSD (pfsense) is spotty at best, I’ve tried many different chipsets and brands. Things that work OK with windows give connection issues with pfsense. There just isn’t a way to win this, you need to have good supported Ethernet cards in the computer.

After that, I have no issues getting 900+ mbps each way on my build it yourself pfsense system at work. And I get my full capacity at home, but the 70/6 Mbps is an easy task, even when I had a USB device on there it was holding near the limits, but I saw a lot of connection errors in there. I have a post asking about USB adapters in here if you want to see what I was doing.

Well first of all, wifi speeds are theoretical and you will almost never get 1 gigabit per stream unless you are using wifi 6 (which is not released yet for unifi AP’s). Comcast (by default), will bond 5ghz channels together, that’s why you get 600 megabits. What you need to try is bonding channels for your AP. I bonded mine to VHT80 and I get 600 megabits per second. It depends on your device and supported wifi configuration said device supports.

I recommended reading this for a greater understanding

Thanks David! I did look into the link.

If I could get close to 600Mbps on Wifi I would be a happy camper, but I have no seem the performance gain yet.