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This is great! Thank you actually getting started on a compliance check right now! Perfect timing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for starting this new type of talks, Tom!

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@LTS_Tom Tom, long time viewer and MSP admin for about 9 years here…

All, in addition to the wonderful video displayed here I’ve created a client documentation spreadsheet for both existing and new client onboardings/discoveries.

The usage of the document is to list your client’s and go cell to cell using the legend down at the bottom, filling the background in the cell the appropriate color. Theres a guide on the second worksheet on what information is required.

This is quite detailed and highly customizable depending on your use case and requisite information. This is the ideal that WE thought would be best for our services; so feel free to edit it to your own and make any changes.

I’m sharing this with the rest of you as I think we can all do better at documentation and standardization across the industry.

If you have any suggestions, we can certainly work on it collectively as a commnity as well.

The final step of this is to have an administrator review this document and mark true/false that the information is correct, it has multiple colors to denote the current status of the documentation (complete/veriified, incomplete and non necessary.

Let me know if any of you have any thoughts on it


What do you use for asset management/tracking?

A combination of Solarwinds and spreadsheets.

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Maybe its possible in this series of videos you could discuss how to setup a centralized logging server.