Getting Started and Having Fun With The Shodan Search Engine

Also, here are some Awesome Shodan Queries to have some fun with.


This was very interesting.
I would like to see more videos on this area. I know that you have to work of course :slight_smile:
Or maybe you could do a quick round-up video of available videos/resources on how to start in the area of cybersecurity/fingerprinting/basic auditing of a small infrastructure. Kind of gathering interesting software and pointers.
I think you had a video with a cybersec friend of yours.

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Cool thanks a bunch Tom :slight_smile: will play a bit …

Maltego would be another good tool for everyone interested in this topic.


Haven’t used Maltego in ages, but yes a very good tool, If you ever watch the UK TV Series Hunted, Maltego is what they used to find info on People, Email Adresses, Phone Numbers etc.

Well, first thing to do when it comes to auditing is to map out the network before you do anytinhg, find out whats connected, and whats open, the look and what exists and where it exists and what is being broadcast across the network.

NMap will show you all of that, and go from there.