Get IPTV through my USG. Any idea with Edgerouter then?

I got my first USG and what i am trying to do is getting IGMP Multicast through my USG, i has tried to enabled IGMP, UPnP and trying some firewalls rules i found on the internett but nothing works. I know that the tv boz is not on an own vlan because i can see the packages floating around, but they use vlan on wan. I can`t set my isp modem in bridge mode and they will not let me set it up without their router. My isp is Enivest an Norwegian provider. Have some any idea?

I believe the easiest thing for me to do years ago when I was in a similar situation is that I had WAN as a VLAN before it would get to my router and then I had the ports on my switch that the IPTV boxes connected to on that same VLAN. Basically I kept the IPTV boxes off my network completely and had no issues.

Thanks for the idea, i need to get som new switches then, all mine is dumb switches :wink:
Any other ideas?

If that is the case, you could still get the same concept doing this:

Then i need to run another cable to the living room :frowning:

I do not use IGMP. However, I did find some information at Ubiquiti forums. It also sounds like this is a feature that is not available in the GUI screen. A recent review by YouTube by Lawrence System spoke to features that must be configured from SSH and editing the config.

It sounds like it can be configured by not straight forward. Good luck!

I think i will buy some unifi switches and do it with them like @MrCaseyJames suggestion.

Has any idea when i use Edgerouter then to get IPTV work?