Generic brand cat 6e cable?

So I’m getting ready to order some cable to install some new equipment, I was going to just put in cat6 because I only need gigabit and none of it is more than 200 feet. While pricing angled keystone wall plates and high density jacks, I decided to look for cable and found some that claims 600mhz and about the same price as cat5e.

Anyone use something like this? Is it decent cable that won’t make me regret installing it next year like some of the really cheap stuff you can buy? Here is the specific link I’m looking at 23 AWG Solid 600 MHz CMR Rated Red Enhanced Cat 6e Cable 1000 ft Box I’m guessing that if you take a short length, you can get this to sweep up to 700mhz. The longer I look at this stuff, the more likely I am to chose something else, but still going to ask what other people think. I’m really thinking this is just regular old cat5e with some marketing spin on the specs, not even real cat6.

The fact that they call it Cat 6e scares me, considering that there is Cat6e standard on Cat6 and Cat6a.

I would go with something else. If you are going through the effort of running cable, why risk having to run it again?

Yeah, I think you are right. If it had a brand name behind it, that might be different, but it doesn’t.

Hardly much cheaper than buying this from Amazon