Gateway unreachable on AP

I have been struggling as to find a solution on how to the why my gateway is unreachable. I appreciate it has to do with the subnet , how do i solve the issue It came about when all devices could connect to the AP. It disconnects and then come back on a minute of so. The is the gateway on Lan .

Any help would be appreciate.

I’m not sure I understand the setup, what does the AP have to do with the gateway? Unless the AP is also a router it should operate on layer 2 / link layer and doesn’t need any notion of a gateway. I don’t recognize the UI, is this from a standalone AP or some sort of controller-based setup?

Where it says “Uptime”, does that refer to the power state or the network state of the device? Did you just manually reboot it or is it crashing on its own?

But just from the behavior you described I am thinking it could have something to do with Spanning Tree Protocol, constantly blocking and re-enabling the switch port into which the AP is connected.

These should be your clues. Says “disconnected” It would help if you knew model and network topology