Gateway issue Pfsense

I have install Netgear AP wax610 . the issue is that AP disconnects after a few minutes. I am not sure waht the issue is wether is the AP or pfsense . Please see attached

Any advice would be appreciated.

The first thing I’d check is whether anything else on that network disconnects (i.e. anything plugged in). If not that would narrow the focus to your AP.

Why open two topics for the same issue?

No need to double post here on the same issue.

Looking at your pfSense interfaces you have multiple LAN segments, either VLANs or separate LAN segments. I would start by looking there first.

  • Is your AP on the right V/LAN segment.
  • Are your switches & pfSense correctly configured for the VLANs, trunk ports, PVIDs, etc

A badly configured VLAN setup might be tripping up Link Traps on switches or cause intermittent STP topology changes.

Thanks for reply, sorry about posting twice I did not realise i had.

Yes I various segments and a managed switch which i tried to created a vLans for the Netgear AP but i could get it work properly. So the AP at the moment goes thru a dumb switch which has no vlan configured.

I have disabled STP on the AP but still have the same issue disconnection on the dashboard. All other segments working fine at the moment. I feel its Netgear problem.

I would try without the dumb switch.

Hi all, Thanks for your support and suggestion, again i learnt alot from all your comments and found the solution by pluging the AP direct to the main switch from pfsense rather to another switch.

All been running fine since. Thanks again.