G4 Doorbell Pro

Does the G4 Doorbell Pro require unifi to operate, or can it be controlled using the iPhone app only.

I currently utilize the unifi cloud console service for a couple Ubiquiti switches, 15 AP’s and it only supports network devices. Do I need to purchase Cloud Key Gen2, a dream machine, or run the unifi software on a computer in order to make the doorbell work?

If I am running the cloud console I am able to make the local unifi and cloud console work together so that when I connect to the cloud console I not only see unifi network products but the doorbell through unifi protect? Would be nice if Ubiquti would allow you to manage everything in their cloud console. Makes it comfusing.

As far as I know, the UniFi NVR software is required to use the Doorbell or any of the UniFI cameras. You can not run the NVR on your own hardware but The CloudKey Gen2 has it, as does a few other devices.

Thank youi.

If I am using the UI Cloud console to support my network devices, switches and AP’s, then say I purchase a Cloudkey Gen 2 to manage the G4 Doorbell Pro, will I then need to run two separate consoles to manage the devices, or will they integrate into one console?

You will have two consoles. if you choose the option of keeping unifi cloud and purchasing a cloud key 2

If you want one console, you would have to more your networking hardware to the cloud key

ok. Good to know. Hopefully Ubiquti will add this feature to the Cloud console so everything in under one roof. Why should I have to buy another piece of hardware to run a doorbell? Is it me, or wouldn’t it make sense to allow the doorbell to be managed with an iPhone app and integrate it into their Cloud console? I don’t need the doorbell to record, just need to have someone hear the ring and be able to see who is at the door, maybe talk to them to determine if the door should be unlocked. This particular application is for a school lobby entrance. I should have the doorbell any day now to test it out.