FYI Moving Unifi Network from Raspberry Pi to Cloud Key Gen2

Just thought this may be of use to someone.

I’ve had Unifi Running on a Raspberry Pi (3 B+) for 6-9 months, very happy with it, but as I was interested in getting some cameras, I thought it might be sensible to get a Cloud Key Gen2 and do it all in one unit.

I downloaded the backup via the Unifi portal on the Pi and went to upload it to the Gen2. Unfortunately the new Gen2 didn’t have the same version (6.x), but after an hour or so of being connected, it updated itself, I then went to upload it and it seems to have worked perfectly.

I have one Flex Camera at the moment, but plan to add more (no more than 4-5). If of interest, I bought it directly from the UI website for 92 euros, around £80 or $97.

The Cloud Key was bought second hand, it cost quite a lot but included a rack mount which I’ll never use, so I’ll sell that to recover some money.

Thanks for your continued videos Tom :+1: