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Hey @LTS_Tom . How are ya? So question for you. I know you have indicated that you switched to freshdesk and I am evaluating that as well (free tier). Seems nice. But one thing that is essential for me is the ability to have items that need to be worked on at some point in the future for specific customers. They do not have an SLA or due date, etc. They are just a list of items for one particular customer that I need to do down the road. People have indicated using “internal tickets” but that does not seem to be an option (at least on the free version). I have been using TickTick task manager for years to keep track of these items and I was hoping to have live tickets as well as things to do for specific customers in one place. There is a tasks list but it seems to be agent specific and not linked to customers. I am curious how you guys handle such a situation. Freshdesk support has been non existent on this question.

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If things don’t get a due date to be done we don’t have a ticket for them. Also any task that does not have a due date tends not to get done.

osticket can achieve this. That’s what I use and it works really well, and it’s free.
Pop me a message if you want to see a bit more how we use it.

Thanks @ajrbservices …I too have tried osticket and did spin in up on a VPS a couple years ago. It does work quite well but the mobile app is kinda non existent. But I was impressed with it. I also spun up Zammad 5.0 on a VPS recently but it seemed to cumbersome to use.

@LTS_Tom Yes…This makes sense and it is understandable. But how do you handle situations where you need to do work a customer as a whole? For instance, let’s say you book a large job and need to purchase a bunch of hardware, coordinate a subcontractor, etc for a project. Do you create a ticket for that or do you have a separate system to track that? Perhaps you create an internal LTS ticket?

We put together a Google sheet with all the project details, timelines, task assignments, and then share it with all relevant parties internal and external.

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Yes agreed on the mobile app. I don’t use the app for osticket, only use it on my laptop.
Osticket is the best I’ve used though! I used fresh desk before and the app was great but the Web version lacked some functions.
We also use osticket (in a way) for invoicing, time management etc.
Happy to show you at some point. I also run a hosting company so can give you a free test hosting package to run it on if you like? Just drop me a line if you wish (

Very interesting to me as well I am looking to get out of corporate America in next 3 months, and looking to have backend ready to go. I guess the better question is does @LTS_Tom integrate Freshdesk with Invoice Ninja?

But there might be more. Freshdesk is nice but I am checking others. We often have several tickets for a customer that we do not want them to see via ticket notifications (patch servers, firewall updates, etc) and as far as I can see FD does not have internal tickets for customers (at least in the free tier). But it is simple and slick if it works for you.

Good luck in your quest.