Freeradius and active directory

Hi, Everyone.

I am trying to configure Freeradius in pfsense and using Active Directory as its LDAP. The reason I opt to do this, because after I made this work I want to have 2fa when connecting an AD client to OpenVPN. I am trying to learn how to make this work. Please help me figure out what configuration I did wrong

When I set this up. I am getting “/diag_authentication.php: Error during RADIUS authentication : Operation timed out” in the “System Logs” and in “Diagnostics / Authentication” I am getting "Authentication Failed

Here is my configuration:

My pfsense has LAN interface IP address of and my AD is I have already disabled the windows builtin firewall.

User account: pfservacc is the account that will be used by pfsense to connect to the AD and it is only domain user. Do I need to give the account a higher privelege?