FreePBX vs 3CX - HELP

We are looking to make the jump from our current cloud phone system “Nextiva” as they have been dropping the ball for at least 6 months now, and the service has just gotten worse.

I am considering FreePBX and 3CX to be hosted in the cloud, google, or digital ocean etc. Security and ease of use/management plus smartphone apps working correctly are my top priorities.

I am really looking for something that is not going to cost our small MSP a small fortune and kick us in the teeth every step of the way. I am looking for something that will ring an employees cell phone via their extension and let them know it’s a biz call incoming)

Please give me any insight you may have into the pro’s and cons of both. I need to do something by Monday as I can’t take Nextiva dropping calls or not even rining my smartphone app at all.

I haven’t used either, but if I was to stand up one over the other, I would go with 3CX. It looks more mature and it doesn’t require 3rd party software for smart phones or desktops. They offer a free version (25 users or less) that I’m sure can handle call forwarding.

Currently I use O365 E5 for my business and it just works. I have the app on my phone and desktop to answer calls. It’s all in one supported package which is good when trying to run a business.

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I’ve deployed and used 3cx for about 5 years.

I just threw the free 3cx on an old windows box from our bone yard and setup a DID from flowroute yesterday as the MSP I was recently hired at wants to offer voip. It only took me about 30 minutes (true i have some experience but it goes to show that it is an easy setup). 3cx is a great solution and has come a long way in the past few years (it had some quirks in the early days).

AS to your question on the app: It works great but it’s only as good as your connection. I used it in our shop a lot, but where I live in Northern Michigan, there are a lot of cellular dead spots so when I was out and about I always had 3cx forward to my cellular number. You can set it up so that it takes the caller ID and prefixes it with (whatever you want) so that you know the call is coming from the office.

3cx is a real solid solution, but as with any software there is always a small to medium learning curve. It used to be $400, but now anything under 25 extensions is free - even better.

Hopefully this helps!


I am also considering 3CX. Interested in learning more.