FreePBX space management

I guess I’ll open up this topic since no one has posted, yet. :slight_smile:

This is really more of a system management question, but I’ve got a FreePBX installation that thinks it is pressed for space. I keep getting emails about disk space usage (smoozecom alert of “77% disk usage”). Originally, I thought it was the logs, but I’ve toned them down and the system only has about 100M in logs. The system has 10G of disk space allocated to it, and I don’t have this issue with other FreePBX installations I’ve done.

So, my question – other than /var/log, where should I look to find out what’s taking up the space? And is there something I need to do to make sure that deleted files are purged? I always utilize rm. Has anyone else run into these alerts? I still have 2G free, so it’s not really pressed, but the alerts started a few weeks ago and I’m determined to figure out the cause.

Not an issue I have had, but du -sh * provides total disk space used by a particular file or directory.

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Thanks. It looks like the space is right where I thought it would be. I need to do a little digging and find out where the threshold is defined for the smoozecom alerts. They’re flat out annoying at this point (an email every hour), and I really don’t want to be alerted until I have less than a 1G left.