FreeNAS ZFS USEDCHILD using space with no child dataset

I’m trying to follow Tom’s guide in the video below to setup Replication Tasks between 2 FreeNAS machines. After the initial replication took place, I checked and all the data had crossed over, and everything was working fine. However, I have run into a few issues after the initial replication.

While I’ve been trying to troubleshoot my errors in my replication task, my pool on the backup server has become full. Looking at my datasets, one of them is showing 2.59TB of space being taken up by a child dataset. However, that dataset does not have any children. Below is an image of the dataset. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where this space is being taken up, or an article that can help me?

In case anyone stumbles upon this later, I resolved this issue by running the command below against the dataset in question…

sudo zfs recv -A

…The issue was that when the send|receive failed, the receive command couldn’t find the temporary filesystem created during the send|receive, and thus couldn’t abort/delete the temporary filesystem.

Information was also found on the OpenZFS Github