FreeNAS - windows integration - by folder share or backup software?

I just had a listen to Tom’s video “Combating Ransomware with FreeNAS OpenZFS Snapshots,” which I loved & I think I understand the concepts…

I can see this working really well on windows machines if people are willing to do all their critical work within a samba share… Then openZFS shapshots & replication would provide some really nice layers of security.

What do you do however, with people who prefer to work from their own HDD’s & expect backup to take place via some software they have installed on their windows systems?

Is there a windows utility that would do the job of backups reliably (I’ve found almost everything glitchy +/or problematic because of user error)… Or would you just try to persuade them to change over to doing their work on samba shares +/or an iscsi windows integration?


If you have the authority to make company policy persuasion is not necessary. Baring that I would suggest Veeam Backup for Endpoints (Veeam has free versions for Windows and Linux licensed versions are $50 / workstation) it will backup as you schedule can do hourly and send to your FreeNAS. Backups are deltas and the software will do a synthetic full that you can schedule. Also make retores very simple because it will backup changes to the system. Check it out well worth it speaking from experience.