FreeNAS - What to replace an AsRock C2750D4I motherboard with?

My motherboard appears to have died. The C2750D4I is no longer available. What is a good replacement that would support;

  • FreeNAS of course
  • 8 4tb drives
  • 32g ECC memory 1600 (or I buy newer)

The Asrock has been fine up until now.

Any thoughts appreciated. Have tried to find a good alternative searching via Google and nothing really surfaces.

Supermicro A2SDi-16C-HLN4F might work


Nice board, wish the price weren’t so up there. I am hoping to find something a little less than the 800’s.

It may come to this. I would’ve hoped that in the 3 years since I built this one, more cost effective options would exist.

You might want to consider a used server on eBay.

It would sure seem that 4 years AFTER I built a FreeNAS box on an AsRock motherboard that ran about 450, I would still be able to find a compatible board 4 years later for at least a comparable board. I would really think that prices on such things would even be better than that today. I did see a Supermicro board with IPMI but it will run 800. I keep thinking I’m missing that place where you find high capacity storage parts, motherboards, cases, etc for reasonable prices.