FreeNAS VS Windows 2019 DC

I can’t decide to go with FreeNAS(TrueNAS) or Windows 2019 DC for file server. My co worker and I are going to move our homelab environment into a Colo location to help cut down on my $900 electrical bill.

He is wanting to install an 10GB card which is fine for fast storage, I have been reading the Windows 2019 book on how new features that they have now for storage. I do have an license for 2019 DC as well btw.

Just looking for more thoughts >

I have 4 ESXI host ( 6.7 ) and 3 HyperV host and then this machine that I’m deciding on freenas or windows. (I’m a SA, so horizon and etc)

He has 3 ESXI host (7.0) later on adding an 4th one. ( He does more of the DBA side)

We don’t run Windows file servers at my office so my vote is for a TrueNAS file server.