Freenas update 11.1 to?

OK, so I need to update some of my servers, I have 2 that are running 11.1-u7. Aside from back up the current config and make sure I have an ISO of my current version, should I:

#1 change the update channel to 11.2 and update?

#2 change the update channel to 11.3 and update?

#3 use a USB to update to either stable release?

#4 step from 11.1 to 11.2 to 11.3 either by way of the update channel or USB boot?

I need to get on of my pfsense up to date first, then I need to work on at least one of my Freenas machines so this might be a couple of days in the “doing”

The system changed from warden to iocage so if you have any jails they won’t migrate. They have the process here and make sure you backup before attempting.

No jails on either machine, but both are joined to a domain and have cifs shares running.