FreeNAS/TrueNAS replication over internet

I’ve been watching lots and learning lots too, but something eludes me.
I have a FreeNAS 11.3 U5 as a production storage and another that this one replicate to as a fail-safe.
I have a 3rd one in a remote location with the same setup and a Gigabit connection, but the fastest speed i seem to achieve with ssh replication is 15-25 Mbps.
I’m wondering where do i go wrong in my setup or should i transfer differently.

Notes :

  • Initial replication is about 6TB
  • Need to backup weekly
  • Both installation are Gigabit internet

Thanks for the help in advance.

Are these symmetrical fiber 1G connections? Most cable connections are not symmetrical and may be do some throttling.

Yes it is symmetrical fiber. So im a bit confused why it goes so slow…

If you do a test with a tool such as iperf3 in each direction does it achieve full speed?

I tested i get up to 850ish Mbps with both 5001 open and only 270 Mbps if only one side is open. Replication works with SSH ans i set it on port 1277 exposed on the receiver side and did not do anything on the other side. Could this be that the sync cannot respond correctly and make it really slow ? I’m grasping straws here lol

Could also be that replication over SSH might be someone limited because of the processor. You can choose SSH+NETCAT which will transport the data faster, but that should be done over a VPN.

I will try this and see, the sender is a 2x E5-2620 Dell while receiver and old 8 core FX 8320 processor. I’ll post the result when i try it.