FreeNas / TrueNas Change all drives

hi, i know you can´t extend ZFS with no less than another vdev, but i know there are a way to change all discs in a vdev to bigger ones and then when all are swapped out extend with the new size, but i can´t find how. browsed thrue the forum and youtube of awesome knowledge from Tom but can only find it mentioned in one video.
Do you Tom have a video on this? or someone else that have a nice source of knowledge for this?

Though I have not done it myself from what I understand the way that you would extend the available space by increasing the size of each drive is a step by step process that involves the following:

  1. offline one of the drives in the vdev
  2. replace that drive with a larger capacity drive
  3. let the resilvering complete
  4. repeat steps 1 through 3 with each additional drive in the vdev. It is important that the resilver complete before you offline another drive in the vdev.
  5. once all the drives in the vdev are upgraded to the larger drives the total capacity will be extended based on the size of the new drives and the vdev layout.

This is correct, I’ve done it a few times now. As soon as the last drive is finished, the vdev will automatically grow to the complete size of the new drives.

The last time I did this was going from eight 1tb to eight 10tb drives, not a single issue. All clients are Win10, older clients might have a problem when the vdev getting too big, but that would go back to Win7 or XP, and I might be remembering wrong too.

I think that‘s the Video your looking for

Regards from Austria