FreeNAS Spare Parts Build: Testing ZFS With Imbalanced VDEVs and Mismatched

You mentioned in your video about moving logging to the data drives rather than the USB. How did you do this?

Go to “System” -> “System Dataset” and choose the pool

Great I see that option with the little checkmark showing syslog – thanks.

Actually I just noticed that you cannot have the System Dataset on a pool if you also use a passphrase, might be an issue if someone can steal your entire kit ! Still playing around with FreeNAS to identify the optimal configuration so maybe there is another way too.

Please may i have a list of parts that you used here, i want to try out a similar but with few than HDDs in your post

That motherboard is so old that is not likely to be sold anymore.

am most interested at those HDD bays, please which model did you use?

They came out of our junk pile of old cases so I don’t know the part numbers.
I have used these in the past and they work well