Freenas SMB permission quirks

Hoping someone has encountered this previously I am trying to diversify permissions with multiple shares via Freenas. I specified both the groups and user accounts that I wanted to have access to each individual dataset via the ACL editor. They work great under one account, but when I try to access them with a different account that I set up with equivalent permissions for the dataset it denies access from a Windows machine when you navigate to the share . The thing that has me scratching my head is that I check the security permissions on the share with the working account via the Windows security tab and under advanced settings and it shows that the user account that I’m having issues with has full permissions to the share. Anyone have any ideas on what I am missing here? I am just using local credentials, no Active Directory or LDAP.

Nope, but I’m having the same issues with 11.3uX, 11.2 works the way I have expected for the last many years. I’m just not grasping something.

Tom did a video on the ACL’s a few months back, but I’m still not grasping something on these newer versions. I haven’t tried to join any of my newer servers to an AD and see if that helps. And I won’t upgrade my servers that are joined to my AD until I have lots of time to fix things if they break (probably summer). Yes I’ve just admitted to running old and out of date machines, I do know what this could open me to. Don’t like it, but need to stay operational too.