FreeNAS SMB/CIFS Share not showing Thumbnails of files contained

Dear Community,

I have Pop_OS! as my Daily Driver. Loving it! Anyways, I have an External HDD where I store all my backups. Using Pop_OS! when I am browsing the folders of my backup files I can see the Thumbnails with no problems, hence making it easier to recognize the files in question.
However, I now have upgraded to a FreeNAS Box and I have migrated all my files from my External HDD to many Datasets created in it.
This is where I noticed, when browsing the files on the SMB/CIFS share created on the Datasets, I dont get any thumbnails of the files anymore.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Using the File Explorer of Pop_OS! when accessing the SMB/CIFS share folders, I no longer see the thumbnails of the files stored in it.

As Always, thanks to all in the community for your time and help.


I ran into this some time agao in Ubuntu, Its not a NAS problem per se.