Freenas schedule web downloads?

Is there a plug in that I can install on one of my Freenas boxes to download a pile of big files on a schedule? I’d want them to end up on one of the SMB shares on that server too.

I bought some video files from Digital Juice yesterday, and it looks like at least a terabyte worth of assets. Normally I would just plug away at downloading them and not caring about bandwidth. But right now work has all sorts of remote classes going on and I don’t want to eat the bandwidth during normal hours leading me to want to schedule stuff.

They are on a web page that I need to log into to download, and lots of files (video and alpha channel). I’m finding a lack of browser tools to accomplish this, and hoping that Freenas might have a plugin.

Alternative is that I log into a computer at home and pull them down all day while no one is there, and bring a drive to work to copy the files. Or set a download session before going to bed. Trying to avoid this last option of sneaker net transfers.

Depending on the site you could probably use “wget” command to download all of the file names if you have the url to all of them or could script it out.