Freenas Permissions

I was setting up some shares on a test server and was wondering if there was a way to stop the users from changing the permissions.

Setup is simple for testing purposes. 1 dataset called Company. 1 share called Public. Login to windows 7 vm and map share with testuser1 credentials, who is a member of the company group so they have r/w access(owner = root, group = company). When I right click Properties -> Security -> Edit , I am able to remove the everyone group. This is ok since i don’t want the everyone group but i would be afraid in production that a user might add it back.

Is there a way to stop testuser1 or any other users from editing permissions?


There are multiple scenario for solution.
[ A ]
On Freenas - 1. Change the permission for dataset from Unix to Windows recursively.
2. Make the owner of the dataset to the permissive user who can change the permission and make sure that user is a member of wheel group.
3. From windows you can access the smb share as the permissive user. Remove everyone. Add the users or group where you want to give read / write permissions.
4. Logout.
[ B ] Standard user on Windows box will never be able to change permissions, once set.