FreeNAS OS/memory issues

I posted this over in the FreeNAS forums, but no one there seems to have any ideas. Hoping someone here might.
I’m having some serious performance issues on my FreeNAS. It is a Lenovo RD450 with a Xeon E5-2609v4, 32GB RAM, Chelsio 520 10G NIC, 6 3TB sata drives in raidz2, and 2 1.9TB ssds mirrored. I am running the Syncthing plugin.
The web page is almost unusable. Every minute or so I get this message.
2020-01-18 04_14_59-FreeNAS -
When I ping to either of the 1G nics I get random elevated ping times, but they stay sub 10ms. Ping on the 10G nics doesn’t seem affected and the ESXi VMs running over ISCSi don’t seem to have performance issues that I’ve noticed.

I’ve also notices that this is happening to the memory every day or two.

I’ve tried rebooting and have the same issues. I’m trying to figure out if I have a corrupted install despite the scrubs of the mirrored boot sd cards being clean or if I’m having some sort of hardware failure. I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed with troubleshooting this.

Backup the config and encryption keys (if you are using encryption) and reload.

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I was hoping that wouldn’t be needed. I might wait and see if 11.3 fixes it. Hopefully it doesn’t get delayed much longer.

I have a system deployed thats always had a couple bugs (Slow 10-G Odd issues with plugins, etc), A reload is just the fastest way especially when its a odd intermittent issue.

Thanks for the input. I guess I have a new project for the weekend.

Just to confirm, the two things I need to restore after reload are the config tar file and geli.key for each pool. Correct?

You’ve check the hardware – like RAM(memtest 86) and disks (SMART)?

SMARTS looks good. If I have issues after reloading the OS I’ll run memtest 86.