Freenas Monitoring

Anyone have any good monitoring tools for freenas? I’m not really concerned with the overall freenas system but i would like to know if it is on or not. Uptime would be the number one thing i’d want to know, all other alerts can happen via email.

There is a BSD package for Zabbix. You can fine tune pretty much any metric you want to monitor.

ughhhhhh zabbix…:neutral_face:

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Why is uptime your most important metric?

I just want to know if its online. I care about the others but I can get those alerts delivered via email, if the system is off I wouldn’t know unless someone called or I logged in to check.

So, have the system send an alert on shutdown/startup, and you’ll be covered as that’s whats really important. Getting an alert every 5min seems undesirable…

I’m assuming that will only happen if it is a graceful shutdown. If I lose power, lose a cpu, something where it just turns off it wont have time to alert me. I don’t want an email, i’m looking for software something like pulseway or a free alternative.

We use Zabbix to monitor FreeNAS & pfsense. On FreeNAS it can monitor CPU/Memory/Netwok and some disk information.

I will give zabbix a shot it just seems sooooooo in depth for just wanting to know if the server is up or not.

thanks everyone will report back.

no go on zabbix way more than I need. Plus I could spend 463 years configuring it and all for a simple metric such as knowing if my server is up or not.

I shall keep looking…

Try looking in the FreeBSD repositories or maybe try Netdata to monitor.

It seems at this point, your only concern is if the box fails and shuts down. If you own the routing equipment, it would seem more apt to use or make a monitoring script on that instead. For the random power outage, I would hope there’s a UPS behind the box that’s setup, and you can configure the bios to turn on after a power loss, that should all handle the power outages, plus any scripts you want to set up during a shutdown.

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That’s old school UNIX but it still works not bad for a system that was developed starting back in the mid 1960s.

you callin me an old fart… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::crazy_face:

cuz I am… lol

Well, when people ask how old I am my reply is: Older than Moses but younger than dirt. Had an advantage had family that worked for WE so I got to see a lot of the UNIX docs when I was a youngen.

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I had to chuckle when I read, Older than Moses, younger than dirt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s fairly accurate for me also, however sadly I think on occasion.
You certainly did have an advantage with that one as a youngen though! That had to be pretty cool to get back then and somewhat of a rarity I would think.

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I might head down the script path of creating something that monitors freenas. There is a battery backup on it that should give it about 2 hours run time. The building that it is in is prone to alottt of power blips and surges so all the gear has a UPS. Literally all i want is something that ping’s freenas and when it drops i get an alert or email. If the box is being gracefully shutdown and has time to run a script its probably me doing it so no need for an email or alert.

i have found a solution…using mailx…added it to a cron job and let it ride…unplugged the network cable (not from freenas just a test machine) a few times and i was getting alert emails. Although i did have to add the bs email to my safe senders list so it would stop going to junk…i think this works for me.



for i in $ping_targets
ping -c 1 $i > /dev/null
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
if [ “$failed_hosts” == “” ]; then
failed_hosts="$failed_hosts, $i"

if [ “$failed_hosts” != “” ]; then
echo “alert freenas down” | /bin/mail -s “TEST02” ""


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You might take a look at .

Yep, also got read “the Engineer” publication from Bell Labs.