FreeNAS Migration from USB to SSD Boot

Morning all,

I’m migrating from a 9 year old Supermicro server to a new Dell R530.

I’m currently using dual USB boot drives and it’s been running like this for 3 years now. It’s currently housing six 8TB WD Reds.

I want to install a riser card like this in the new Dell R530 and then install two M.2 SSDs.

What’s my best migration path??

  1. Save the config from the old server, install new FreeNAS on new M.2s, load config, and physically move data drives.
  2. Move USB drives to new server, pull one and have FreeNAS rebuild boot array on new M.2, then pull second USB drive and rebuild on other M.2, move data drives.

Thanks guys!

I load fresh on the new drives confirm the new system boots up, restore config from old system the new one and move the drives over.

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Thanks Tom - Keep up the great work!

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Just want to be clear…
When you install on the fresh system you are going to install the same version that you were running on the USB?

Or are you really installing a newer version?

I’ve had to do the install “what you are currently running” way a couple of times, and it isn’t really scary anymore. But I didn’t think you could “version up” during this change (I might be misinterpreting this).

Now moving chassis is even better, in theory you could go straight back to the old chassis if things didn’t work.

I plan to leave my old box untouched. Then install the same version on my new server onto the new SSD’s and make sure they are booting properly.

Then move the drives from the old server to the new server and load the configuration on the new server.

That should work just fine.

I just wanted to respond back for anyone watching and tell how easy this was. Installed FreeNAS on the new box and loaded the config. Calls for reboot and I had to tweak the network settings for it to get an IP. Then shutdown and moved over the physical days drives. Worked like a charm! It took longer to unscrew the HDD brackets and install the new ones.