FreeNAS migrate to new server with new drives

How to migrate/copy one freenas server to another will all jails/datasets and pool unchanged.

Are you transferring all of the drives from one server to the other? If so, this is a really painless migration. Just move your drives over and move your boot media also to the new server. It will boot all the same. Assuming you are not configuring the drives on the raid controller and using a proper HBA :blush:. One “gotcha” I can think of is the NIC’s might give you trouble if they aren’t the same brand from the old server but that is a trivial fix.

From the title I would guess not. new server with new drives sounds like a totally new setup.

Good point about the NIC. I don’t have extra bays in my server so I will setup my new HDDs in an old computer that has enough SATA ports. Install FreeNAS and then I want to replicate the entire contents of the old drive to the temp setup. After complete I will swap out the drives out of the old server with the new ones. My problem is that I can’t replicate to pool of the new drives, only a dataset in it. That would make me manually setup the datasets on the new HDDs and then move the files to the appropriate dataset. I need to reconfigure my current pool.

Lol! My fault for not reading the title well enough. I don’t know about a full migration. I would assume setting up a ZFS replication and once all data is copied then try to import your system config from System–>General–>Save config to your new box or try to boot from the original boot device from the old box.

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