FreeNAS help: SMB reply from FreeNAS - you need permission

Finally got a version of FreeNAS which actually HAS SMB by upgrading to the “questionable” version, 11.3 RC2.

Until then, 11.2 u1 - u7 … didn’t even have SMB! So this is “real progress” …

Now I can read and copy files … but I can’t write / change.

In an effort to eliminate possible permission issues … though the user has permission – I’ve also tried (though retroactively) to provide all rights to everyone. Basically, making it wide open. Perhaps this isn’t something I can do after the fact … if I can however, I’m just as confused as I was when a “NAS” system didn’t have NETWORKING. (or at least the protocol people advise I use) lol. (though it’s a funny that kinda hurts). Fortunately the “half-baked” version appears to work.

The folder I’m trying to modify is within the folder I even own … despite trying to make everything wide open …

I’m not an expert in comparison to bona fide sysadmins. But I do have over 20 years experience making my living doing only tech-things like troubleshooting. Granted very little is in linux and I chose a linux based distro, but so is OS X technically.

The new interface of 11.3 looks leaps and bounds easier than 11.2 Ux.

PS… GOOD THING! that I copy text if I click on anything out of distrust; I was correct this time (pathetically) … in uploading my quota of a SINGLE freaking picture this “awesome” new forum deletes your text.