Freenas - HA / CARP / HAST

Hi all

I know this has been discussed and i am very much aware that this is unsupported on the freenas about HA.

still intriguing read on the freebsd site… Highly Available Storage (HAST)…

anyone tried this implementation on freenas in a lab set up. Karl wrote in his blog a while ago ( I believe CARP and HAST are available on the freenas through cli…its just they are not exposed on the GUI.

Tom wont like this idea … me neither for production but as a lab set up…!

HAST provides synchronous block-level replication between two physical machines but that means the connection between the machines is the limit at which the systems can write data which will limit performance.

Tom does it need…two different storage pools or two different nodes connected to the same storage pool… with heartbeat setup between the nodes.

I just wonder 40GB infiniband / ethernet connection between two nodes for heartbeat might work better for failover between nodes. something like pfsense HA set up.

not sure… thanks anyway for taking time to be in forum to answer our queries…

Not sure, never set one up .