Freenas guest on XCP-ng 10gbe

Hi All.

I am wondering if someone could possibly help me with an issue i am having .

  • I have a freenas guest running on xcp-ng 8.1.0
  • The xcp-ng host is connected via10gbe
  • The freenas guest is connected to the Pool-wide network associated with eth0 ( my 10gbe card)

The issue is that i am not getting 10gbe on the freenas guest , its only 1gbe

Have i done something very stupid ? Is it possible to get 10gbe performance from the guest ?

EDIT: Note this does NOT happen with linux guests , i get the same performace on linux guests as i do on the host. Honestly may just abandon freenas at this point , all i use it for is simplefile share .

The FreeBSD kernel for FreeNAS does not appear to work well in XCP-NG with the virtualized NIC.

I did suspect that it could be a BSD issue, as i only use SMB and iSCSI i dont need all the features of freenas i may as well move to a simple linux VM with ZFS.

I already have the HBA setup for pass through, it was far less painless than i was expecting.

I hope one day freenas switches to linux !

you could passthrough the 10Gb nic to the Freenas VM

You might check MTU settings. They need to be set to 9000