FreeNAS FTP user isolation + SMB Access

Hello Everyone,

I’m facing a situation that i can’t find a workaround with FreeNAS FTP setup.

Basic need is to have FTP “user isolation” mode with SMB Share the whole FTP Root for the next APP Server to work.

I did some tests and manage to have FTP Site accessible to different users without isolation, and also enable the “always chroot” and this allow for user isolation successfully.

The problem is that chroot requires a dataset for each user, something that makes very hard to handle. Is not reasonable to create SMB share for each FTP User.

A good scenario would be a single dataset for FTP Site (this goes also 1 SMB Share for access), and then subdataset for each user or subfolder for each user. I did try this and seems that not working because of no read access permission on the previous dataset. (?? - most probably)

I’m I missing something ? Is there something more i could try ?